Fullstack LA Open Source

Join us October 5th at 8th Light Los Angeles

Open Source Event

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and contribute to open source?!!!

Fullstack LAs Open Source event focuses on contributing to open source software and leveling up πŸ’ͺ our skills.

We invite people from the open source community to come in and introduce their projects and show us how to contribute.

After a presentation we break into groups and focus on either the guest speaker's open source project, or other projects Fullstack LA members are already developing.

Fullstack LA is currently obsessed πŸ’“ with exercism.io, Hood.ie, and the Homebrew open source projects.

If you or your organization is focused on open source, we want to hear from you!

Don't forget to bring:

  • A laptop (with keyboard/mouse of your choice) πŸ’» 🎹
  • A project you want to improve. (optional)
  • The most important thing: an open mind πŸ’­πŸ’­πŸ’­

You should really preinstall:

  • Atom βš›: It's a free text editor if you don't have one already.

  • A GitHub account: So you get instant notifications for daily activity in our GitHub repo.

  • Ruby and Homebrew 🍺: For people that want to contribute to Homebrew.

  • Node.js: For people that want to contribute to Hood.ie, a JavaScript-based open source project that relies on npm. Just install Node.js and you also get npm.

Pair Programing

At Fullstack LA, you're never without a coding partner. We believe the concept of 🍐 pair programing is essential to the πŸ’ͺleveling up process.

Pair programming is sort of like going on a road trip. One person, the driver, sits behind the computer and codes whatever instructions are given by the other person (the navigator). Pairs switch roles after a certain amount of time ⏲.

Pairing serves as a great way for Fullstack members to meet new people in the group, share knowledge and insights with their partner, and spot potential bugs before they happen during coding. The process can be messy, but the destination is all that matters. The destination being a fully functioning app/project!


Fullstack LA is always on the lookout for speakers to present open source projects to our group that they are deeply involved in. We love seasoned open source committers and maintainers! If you fit this description, we want you to come show us how it's done!

While maintainers and core team members are definetly the right people to give these talks; we feel anybody with a clear history of involvement and a passion for a given project would make an excellent ambassador. Learn more about how to bring an open source project to our attention on our RFP page.


Parking is available for free on 2nd after 7pm.


7th St / Metro Center Station(directions) + ~11 min walk.