Request For Proposals

Have an open source project you want to bring some attention to?

Fullstack LA Open Source events highlight an open source software (OSS) project presented by a member of that project’s community. The first 20 minutes of the event include a talk about the OSS project covering:

  • what it is,
  • why it’s awesome,
  • how to get involved,
  • the current goals of the project,
  • how to setup the development environment, and
  • anything else needed to get up and running.

In the remaining two hours, with the help of the presenter, we dive into the project.

The shared goal of the presenter and the group is to get some of the attendees to a place where they can submit code and begin to feel a sense of ownership over the project.

Who should present?

We are looking for speakers to present open source projects that they are deeply involved in. While maintainers and core team members are definetly the right people to give these talks; we feel anybody with a clear history of involvement and a passion for a given project make excellent ambassadors.

What projects?

Ideal projects for this event will be under active development and have a vibrant, inclusive community. Projects with clearly stated goals and setup documentation on how to contribute will be positioned to gain enormous benefits from becoming the focus of a Fullstack LA event. If a project requires deep domain knowledge to get started, it’s likely difficult to fit within the Fullstack LA format.

Part of Fullstack LA’s Mission is to bring new contributors of all levels to your open source project. While some projects are clearly the territory of the more experienced devs, we hope even the more mature projects can carve out some issues and mindshare for the newbies.

Finally, we see a tremendous value in a written code of conduct, which you can view here.