Our mission at Fullstack LA is simple.

We want to help developers with their first, tenth, and hundredth contribution.

As a community, we value skill building, inclusivity, and a commitment to open source projects that not only teach you something new, but help get your projects shipped asap.

We truly believe that everyone has something to contribute – pun intended 😏. Whether you’re a seasoned open source committer/maintainer, we want you to come show us how it’s done.

Or if you’ve never pushed code to an open source project, we still want you to come. We’re here to serve you, the coding community, by helping you find projects, identify issues, and understand the process of contributing to open source projects.

Open Source

Committing to free and open source code that quickly helps people build web applications.


Learning from each other while embracing differences of opinion and personality through pair programming.


Leveraging the knowledge of the collective group to craft code that is durable and easy to maintain.


Guiding and counseling the next generation of fullstack developers.

We are Fullstack LA, and we want YOU to join us!😎

Fullstack LA is a group of Los Angeles-based software developers focused on developing web skills by contributing to open source projects. We’re deeply committed to open source and believe pair programming on open source projects is the best way to foster new skills.

We love well crafted open software. Our commitment to open source drives the focus of our events and future projects. We invite everyone with the same commitment to openness to contribute to our projects and help achieve our future goals.